Vulcan D7 & D8 Delivery Drone

Image for Vulcan D7 & D8 Delivery Drone
  • May 2, 2018
  • admin

The D7 and D8 are designed for simple delivery applications. The item to be delivered is placed on top of the aircraft to avoid the difficulties of getting packages into and out from the underside of the aircraft. The anti-slip matt and tough elasticated cargo net prevent the item moving during flight, and make for simple and quick removal on arrival. The D7 is capable of a payload up to 10 Kgs, and the D8 option  increases this to 20 Kgs.

 Flight Times D7:
 No payload: >40 mins
 10 Kgs: >20 mins
 Flight Time D8:
 No payload: >40 mins
 20 Kg: > 15 mins