Vulcan UAV Smart Winch

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  • October 3, 2017
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The Vulcan UAV smart winch was developed by us for delivery of light payloads to areas where landing is not possible (such as the top of wind turbines), or for the placing of equipment or sensors in hard to reach or no access locations (with the addition of our remotely operated dropping hook – not shown here). The smart winch is integrated into one of our removable quick release landing gear systems for quick swapping of different payloads for different functions.

The winch is almost entirely automated as it must be able to operate well away from clear view of the pilot operator. A downward facing camera is fitted, and the winch is able to monitor its position at all times enabling the operator to have no concerns about deployment height or correct retraction. A simple three position switch is all that is needed to operate all winch functions. A number of safety systems are included such as overload protection, signal loss, positional override reset and even an emergency escape procedure in case the winch line were to get tangled or hooked to something on the ground.