Industrial Jet Wash – Harrier 7

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  • March 19, 2019
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This waterproof Harrier 7 variant is fitted with a high power jet wash with custom built remotely operated robotic arm. Designed to operate at up to 20m above take off point (to cover tidal variation) this aircraft is used to clean the guano from access ladders on the new breed of ultra large wind turbines in the North Sea. Located over 100 miles off shore, these turbines provide the only place to land for sea birds for miles and so attract them in huge numbers. The resulting guano presents a significant health and safety risk to engineers working on the structures and has to be removed prior to access. Operating from a crew vessel in what can only be described as very harsh conditions this aircraft is highly resistant to wind, rain and spray, and with it’s high pressure cleaning payload enables safe access without risk to engineers who would otherwise have to call in a specialist crew to clean the structure.